Gabi Sanchez, Co-Chair of our Senior Living & Long Term Care Team, was quoted in a recent Senior Living Executive magazine article titled “Cannabis, Choice, and Your Community: Updates on Practices and Problems.” The article, authored by Cynthia Helzel, discusses the increase of older adults turning to cannabis products as well as the impacts this trend has on senior living and long term care communities.

‘It’s important for executives to pay attention to this issue,’ said Gabriela Sanchez, shareholder and co-chair of the senior living and long-term care team at the law firm Lane Powell. ‘Based on the statistics and the changing perceptions of marijuana, people are going to demand use of marijuana in their communities, and in fact they already are.’

In the article, Gabi offered guidance on smoking bans in these communities:

‘We actually recommend that you don’t allow smoking of any kind of marijuana, whether it’s hemp CBD or marijuana-based CBD,’ Sanchez said. ‘Everything should be non-smoking because if not, you bring into play all sorts of other laws.’

She also provided this tip on setting community cannabis policies:

The more transparent you are with your residents about what you allow and do not allow, the easier it’s going to be for you to enforce your policies and your rules and to limit your liability.

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